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Sustainable Water Management

Blue Planet Academy
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Water is Life

Growing pressure on water resources – from the population and economic growth to climate change, pollution, and other challenges – has major impacts on our social, economic, and environmental wellbeing. After this course, you will be able to offer sustainable and resource efficient water solutions aligned with the resolution of the most pressing problems.

The world’s water is becoming increasingly degraded in quality, threatening the health of people and ecosystems and increasing the costs of treatment. Some 780 million people around the globe still lack access to clean water and thousands perish daily from the lack of it.


We define sustainability as resource efficiency, based on the Blue Planet Academy’s core educational principle of dematerialisation of all services. By minimising the material input from cradle to cradle, and thereby increasing resource efficiency, we unlock the Ability to Sustain human life for as long as Earth is capable of providing the means.

"We only take what we truly need to live a decent life."

What will you learn and train during this module?

Managing water resources throughout your life without endangering the environment.

Altogether, the training will provide you with enough practical knowledge to comprehend ecological, economic and social interests behind sustainable water management. Moreover, the experiences and abilities that you will gain will allow you to tackle the water challenges yourself and evolve into a sustainable water manager, thereby creating your new career opportunities within Water Supply and Sanitation.

Discover and master:

  • understanding of natural water cycle
  • protecting source water
  • professional handling of water contaminants
  • managing of artificial water cycles
  • increasing efficiency of water resources
  • securing and managing water sources for private use
  • managing stormwater and rainwater infiltration
  • testing of radon and its mitigation in buildings
  • managing corporate water resources
  • managing of water resources in organic farming
  • explaining perspectives on urban water management
  • providing solutions for regional and global water issues.

Career opportunities

Completion of this course will provide you the opportunity to select sustainable water management as your path.

Numerous water-related projects are awaiting passionate people like yourself; whereas knowledge, skills and experiences obtained throughout this course will provide you with a professional advantage required to start your career.

You will also be able to engage in the creation of new jobs that will satisfy your local needs. The following examples of work opportunities represent only few areas:

  • commercial, industrial and residential water consultant
  • water restoration and preservation specialist
  • rainwater harvester
  • water conservation engineer


  • PC or laptop
  • internet connection
  • basic tools to work on the assignments
  • Entry level: High School degree


Blue Planet Academy Certificate of Competence

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Benefits of a Verified Certificate

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  • Support our Mission: The income raised with the Certificates will be entirerly dedicated to onsite training projects in developing countries.

Certificate fee: 98 Swiss Francs

Payment options

Currently only Paypal is supported during the enrollment process. Should this not be a viable option for you, you can contact us here.

The other options are either Transferwise or Wire Transfer. The wire transfer details are:

  • IBAN: CH42 0483 5147 3989 7100 0
  • To: Blue Planet Life Association, Seestrasse 151, 8820 Wädenswil
  • Bank Adress: Credit Suisse, P.O. Box 100, CH-8070 Zurich

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Your Facilitator

Žan Kokalj

Žan Kokalj

Žan Kokalj is a representative of Blue Planet Life and the course author and facilitator of Sustainable Water Management. During his studies of Organizational Sciences, he was engaged in numerous part-time jobs and quickly realised that the time for changes is very much needed. That led him to the creation of a project called ‘Green Business – A Business of Sustainability’ in which he brought together over thirty sustainable organisations and created his sustainability model. Soon after finishing his studies he had time to focus on travelling and new discoveries. Seeing the needs of people from personal perspective opened his mind to a whole new extent. In quest of making a positive change in the world, he came across the opportunities of Blue Planet Life and decided to use his experiences and knowledge to contribute to its purpose.

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