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Blue Planet Life Showcase

Blue Planet Life

Blue Planet Academy Showcase

It is a great pleasure to welcome you on the Blue Planet Academy education platform. Here we offer all our vocational trainings and seminars.

The showcase includes two parts. In the first part, we introduce you to Blue Planet Academy, the vocational training concept and the course program. In the second part, we invite you to take the course "Methods of permaculture design". It will give you a good insight about how our courses are provided and the opportunities students and teachers have with online learning.

It is our pleasure to be your host and we will be delighted to hear from you.

Blue Planet Academy Program Coordinator

Urs Beck

Urs Beck

After intense travelling and years of observation, Urs came up with the Blue Planet Academy education program. To cover our needs as human beings he believes that this program is all we need to sustain a happy and joyful life. Urs advocates freedom without artificial constraints of our talents and creativity, but committed and connected to the sources that provide us with everything we need and to all life, based on wisdom and mindfulness.

Online Services Developer

Jonathan Peter

Jonathan Peter

Jonathan is a world traveller who loves surfing and is deeply connected to nature. He is free spirited and open minded, dedicated to equality and environmental awareness. With his profound experience in IT, he ensures that the Academy is able to offer it’s courses to our global community on open edX. Jonathan is a pillar, valuable contributor and ally and has been from the first hour of Blue Planet Life

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